M.M. Gornell's desire is to write novels she would like to read--where through the power of words a world is created that captures her imagination and lets her suspend disbelief for a few pleasurable hours.  Then when the time comes to say farewell, she closes the book with a smile of satisfaction and a touch of regret the tale has ended.  And if she perchance takes away a couple philosophical thoughts or questions beyond the story--how wonderful!
Author Information
   Author is a lifetime lover of mysteries of all types, and her favorite novelist is P. D. James.  Besides reading and writing, she is an avid gardener--with a fondness for roses and fruit trees, and a potter particularly interested in the high-fire reduction process. She now lives with her husband and assorted canines in California’s high-desert.

     Author can be contacted directly at mmgornell@earthlink.net.